Mt. Washington to the Coast

Thursday I took the day off to meet with a good friend of mine who is in town for the week. He had a bike trip planned for us going from Mt. Washinton out to the seacoast.

The trip was about 85 miles total and we rode it in under 6 hours with an hour or so for a lunch stop. The google map link takes the wrong route and adds some miles for speed.

We went down through North Conway, over to Fryeburg, ME and into Hiram where I believe we had lunch. Then dropping down to Waterboro over to Biddeford and Saco. I blew two flats on the trip because of some bad rim tape on my front wheel but other than that my old bike seemed to hold it together, surprising as I have over 5500 miles on mostly original parts.

New Windsurfer

This weekend I should be picking up some new windsurfing toys. I’ve been looking at the Starboard F-Type, Aero, and Carve. Assuming I can find a good deal at one of the local shops or an ebayer I’ve been talking with I should have a whole new rig ready to go for this summer.

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