they makin’ me sekur

With the help of several other people (a group design!) from this years Boston GNOME Summit.  I was finally able to rework one of the important dialogs many update applications suffer from.  I think the end result is more fun, intuitive, and thus probably more secure. :)

I can haz sekret kee?

I’ve got a bunch more made up as well that I’ll post later.


14 thoughts on “they makin’ me sekur

  1. Chris: That was a tough editorial decision. :) The button text was decided because the main text of the dialog is basically asking if the _Computer_ can have the key. A weird question for the person to answer in lolcat speak or regular terms.

  2. Yeah, I got the text okay, just confused about the “return” icon (as opposed to something more suitable, such as a green tickbox, or a cheezburger).

    So is there a mailing list for the lolcat L10 team yet? This is clearly an attractive niche market!

    – Chris

  3. Ah, good point. The icon is the default “Continue” icon. *shrug*

    At the Summit we wondered how much work it would be to create the LOLcale we all really desire. I think using a script to handle most of the conversions and then improving the rest by hand would let us cover significant ground. :)

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