Lightning Nightly Builds

Since I started using the Thunderbird nightly builds I haven’t been using the Lightning plugin because the add-on version didn’t keep up with the latest build versions of Thunderbird.  Luckily this morning I woke up from this reality when I found the Lightning Nightly Updater which fixes that problem.

After installing I changed it’s options to also install the gdata provider for Google Calendar, then I ran the Check for Updates menu item from the Help menu and calendaring is back.

Update: Just to note that the nightly updater should grab the proper version even if you’re running a thunderbird branch instead of trunk.

4 responses to “Lightning Nightly Builds

  1. Cameron

    I am considering using the nightly builds myself, what has been your experience with them, have you had any instances of them breaking or data loss ?

  2. So far I haven’t had any problems with them at all. I’ve been expecting that things won’t go well but I have yet to see any real breakage. I’m cautious, yet hopeful.

  3. google provider is broken w/ 3.02 :(

  4. Thomas Edwards

    Doesn’t work with thunderbird 3 beta 3, since there isn’t a compatible version of lightning for that yet.

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