Mac Address Book… try Thunderbird Nightly

The latest Thunderbird Trunk Builds are built to integrate into the Mac Address Book and we need some testing, so stop watching bug 203927 for builds.

1. Grab an Official Mac (Universal binary) from the nightly build

2. Enable the Address Book via the config editor (sorry you have to do this)

Open Preferences / Options and go to the tab Advanced -> General
Click: [Config Editor…]

Create the following: (from bug 397811)

"ldap_2.servers.osx.description" -> "System Address Book"
"ldap_2.servers.osx.dirType"     -> 3
"ldap_2.servers.osx.uri"         -> "moz-abosxdirectory:///"

3. Restart Thunderbird

4. Try out using your System Address Book integrated into Thunderbird

5. File some bugs or hop on the dev.apps.thunderbird news group to ask about issues

Some Know Issues


These pref entries have to be created as they don’t already exist, see comments below.聽

bug 397811 has landed in the nightly Thunderbird releases, look for this menu.


27 thoughts on “Mac Address Book… try Thunderbird Nightly

  1. This is nice, but… is a similar thing on the way for Linux? E.g. using the evolution-data-server for contacts etc? *That* would be great…

  2. Bryan, this feature isn’t only available for the latest trunk builds. Even builds from before a half year made it possible. But thanks for the post. Hopefully it will activate some users to do further testings. Personally I really love the integration and cannot await the next Thunderbird release. After the release of Firefox 3 I’ll try to do some more testings on this part.

  3. Works fine with Addressbook, Thunderbird looks nice incomparison to last time I used it (a few years ago). I think I give it a longer try…

  4. can’t find the

    in fact nothing with osx in it. (I am on 10.4.11…)

    what I find is:

    seems to be

    right now there is a system address book, but it is empty … Probably did something wrong

  5. You have to manually create the not existing preferences. Do that by using the context menu within the list of preferences. After you have created all these entries it should work.

  6. Here is the solution for not finding any values with OSX in.

    “ldap_2.servers.osx.description” -> “System Address Book”
    “ldap_2.servers.osx.dirType” -> 3
    “ldap_2.servers.osx.uri” -> “moz-abosxdirectory:///”

    1. string
    2. integer
    3. string


  7. Wow, it worked! Thanks to Henrik Skupin and DUMPLOGGER for the replies. At least I can see my address book now.

  8. I didn’t see this explicitly stated anywhere so I figured I’d check on the topic: I got this working, but it appears that Address Book entries are not actually editable from within Thunderbird 3.1 alpha. Is this correct?

  9. Note that on TB 2, the string
    worked fine and was what was recommended, on TB3 that string will block seeing any address books, AND not show you OSX. It has to be lower case.

  10. Displays nicely, so that you can use OSX address book for addressing/sending Emails – that’s great!
    BUT is this real integration – can you add/store addresses to the OSX book from your Tbird messages? I can’t (it puts them in my ‘Personal Address Book’; perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

  11. Hi guys,
    A simple (I hope) question. Now that I switched to Thunderbird 3.0 (Shredder), did the config change and that stuff…how do I set the system addresss book as default? When I click on the Address Book Icon I can see indeed the Personal Address Book, the System Address Book and the Collected Addresses, but when I try to add a new address from a received email, it goes by default to the Collected Addresses. Any clues? Thanks!

  12. Bryan, thanks, excellent article. As a matter of interest I was using a build of TB2 to get Mac OS X Address Book integration, when I installed TB3 it appears to have integrated the TB2 prefs file, but in TB2 the ldap_2.servers.osx.uri was capitalised – and worked – but in TB3 the capitalised entry did not work. Edited the entry to remove the capitalisation and hey presto! Thanks again!

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