Some Signature Updates

Some news for the Thunderbird signatures in email.  I’ve updated the Message Signatures wiki page with some new possible directions.

Signature Manager

One still missing piece has been adding a signature manager.  Previously I mentioned that we could create a new dialog window for managing signatures, however several comments posted and emailed made me want to look into other possibilities.

So here’s a mockup of a possible layout for the Signature manager to be in the Thunderbird preferences, under the Composition tab.  (tabs within tabs… whoo hoo!)

Script Signatures

I keep offering a possible script signature in different mockups and yet there hasn’t been any mention of how you’d add a script signature yourself.  My feeling is that we can leave script signatures up to extensions and extension developers.  It might be nice to offer a script signature by default and perhaps this would lead more people to try out extensions that provide script signatures, however I don’t have a plan to create a default interface for them yet.

Signature Add-ons

Here’s a pretty simple way to introduce signature add-ons specifically to the signature preferences.  There are some open ended pieces of this that need to be worked out.  What does the add-on manager look like when it opens up from a link like this?

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated as always.

4 responses to “Some Signature Updates

  1. One thing that would be nice is integrating the signature management with Seahorse if one is using Gnome on Linux. And integrating the key management too in Firefox, at least being able to store the master key in the gnome-keyring.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong Tester, but this has been implemented in some form at least on Fedora. When you unlock the gnome-keyring, Firefox won’t ask for your master password anymore… at least that what I thought; unless I was dreaming.

    The signature manager looks like a worthy addition. I think there’s some demand for inline signature switching within the compose message window as well though.

  3. Håkan W

    Are you using a radiobutton as a link/button-type widget there?

    Isn’t it confusing for users if radiobuttons are normally used for multiple-choice situations whereas sometimes used as a regular “take me away” button like this?

  4. Håkan: I believe you’re talking about the Add-on icon, it’s blue with an arrow. Firefox uses in several places already. I may have inserted a bad copy though.

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