This bird can dance!

Thunderbird can finally do the Tango

For a long time Thunderbird has been using the same theme for Linux and Windows, resulting in an ugly and out of place Linux theme.  However now Magnus has a patch is up to create a gnomestripe theme space.  Magnus already moved Thunderbird menus over to using the gtk stock icons.

Here’s a screenshot (courtesy of Michael Monreal) of Thunderbird using the desktop icon spec.

Now we can start the move over to using the Tango icon set!


20 thoughts on “This bird can dance!

  1. Wow, that looks *way* better! Thunderbird’s ugliness on Linux hasn’t bothered me much (consciously, at least), but this is a very welcome improvement!

  2. If I install thunderbird and put in my gmail and password, is it going to work or ask me a bunch of random questions I don’t know the answers to?
    Right now I just stick to the gmail web interface, but I’d like to be able to use mailto: links and stuff, so I’m kind of looking for a mail client I guess..

  3. @ethana2: Yeah, there’s a wizard for gmail accounts, it’s pretty straight-forward. Try it out!

    If you prefer the web interface, though, I recommend installing the GMail Manager Firefox extension…it lets you manage multiple gmail accounts, get notifications of new mail, and will handle mailto: links in Firefox.

  4. Very cool. Mozilla 1.9’s GTK+ integration + a good Tango theme = Seems like visually, all comes together.

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