Google Calendar in Thunderbird tabs

If you’re a Google Calendar user like myself you might want to check out this really simple add-on for Thunderbird, which should be available as an official add-on for the coming Thunderbird 3 release.

The Google Calendar Tab

As simple as it sounds, this adds the Google Calendar web interface as a new tab directly into Thunderbird.  Creating and viewing events works just as it would in a browser like Firefox. 🙂

Google Calendar Tab

If your calendar is setup to show popup alerts you’ll continue to see them from the calendar tab while in other, mail, tabs.

Here’s my family Pinochle game reminder alert showing.

Google Calendar Alerts

There is no official release of this extension yet, however you could grab the latest XPI, download and install it into the latest (at least rc1) Shredder release.

More Extensions

It’s easy to get started integrating a web application like Twitter, Remember the Milk, and other sites into Thunderbird.  Once you get the initial pieces you can start working on better integration into your email conversations.

If you’re interested in creating an extension similar to this one, here are a couple links you probably want to check out:


This calendar extension only handles a single url for Google Calendar.  If you’re looking for actual calendar integration with different calendars, including google calendar, you’ll want to check out the Lightning Calendar extension which also runs inside Thunderbird tabs.


248 thoughts on “Google Calendar in Thunderbird tabs

  1. Couldn’t find your support site, so hope this is ok?
    Just added Google Calendar Tab to Thunderbird 24.3.0 around the first of Mar. and everything I needed was working fine until I updated to Thunderbird 24.4.0.. now, when viewing Google Calendar Tab, it is black and white only, no colors, and some of the box labels are missing..
    I checked the Google Calendar app directly in Chrome and it looks fine..
    Are there any settings in Thunderbird that can alter the appearance of Google Calendar Tab, or is it something that the Thunderbird update caused..
    Any suggestions appreciated..

  2. Brilliant. Have been using Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar but this cuts out the middle-man and is quick and easy to use.

    Thanks very much.

  3. Using Google Calendar in T-Bird tabs is really a spectacular add on. I’ve been using this calendar tab in Thunderbird for a couple of years. I’ve noticed that on my 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 installation that the calendar opens only a list version. This doesn’t occur on my 32 bit laptop with the same Ubuntu / Thunderbird versions. Any advice how to make the calendar open in a different view?

  4. Thanks for the Google calendar tab extension for Thunderbird.

    Only thing I’d like to see is an auto logon or the ability to store your logon credentials so that you don’t have to type it every time.

  5. Hay,
    Great Jop :-).
    How can i synch the Google Calender in the Tab automaticly evry minute or x Time ?

  6. I love the Google Calendar Tab….until I changed my gmail account and subsequently the Calendar. My Google Calendar Tab is still yied to my old gmail address. I can’t deduce what I have to change. This is on a Xubuntu 14.04 LTS machine. ANy ideas….anyone?

  7. Hi, first let me say thank you. I am a happy user of your add-on. Just wanted to let you know that with latest Thunderbird 31.0 your add-on looks very much broken. But perhaps you noticed already. Oh, and I know this is probably a problem with Thunderbird and its latest changes.

  8. I love this add-on. It’s working great in the latest Thunderbird 31 as well. One small request for you to consider. Would you consider adding a preference that would allow a user to disable the popup alerts? I would appreciate the additional flexibility that would bring to your add-on for other use cases.

  9. For David Hope: I ran into the same problem. What I did is open the Google Calendar Tab, right there go to Logoff from Google Account, then detelete the Google Calendar add-on. Reset Thunderbird, download and install again the add-on and it will start with the Google/Gmail Account login page. Login with the Google/Gmail account you want to use and it will always start with that account. Has worked for me since….good luck!

  10. The task function doesn’t work! Can someone please help me out with this?

    Other than that it’s a great add-on. Easier than lightening and provider.

  11. As others have requested, I also really need the Task functionality 🙁

    Great and super useful to have the calendar in Thunderbird otherwise.

  12. Works well some of the time. Sometimes it just won’t display the page properly, instead showing a really ugly and week view, with no controls or settings, instead of my default month view. This is nothing new to recent versions of either Thunderbird or the plugin but has been a problem for a long time. The complete lack of response from the author means it’s just not worth bothering with. Pity, because it did show a lot of promise.

  13. Can anyone tell me how to configure so that when I receive the event invitation mail, I click on calendar options like yes/no.. then the calendar is opened in calendar tab, not in browser?

    Thanks a lot for great add-in

  14. I believe I have the same issue as Peter Pfeiffer: On my 64 bit Xubuntu laptop, Google Calendar is opened in the mobile version.

    Alas, thank you for making this plugin! Small and simple, the way I like it.

  15. Translation using Google Translator.
    I would like to inform you that the image of the company “Google Apps” is to oversize the upper left corner of the screen when it is inside the visulizado Thunderbird. Thank you for your attention. The Application is excellent!

  16. I was having the same problem as @David Hope (Aug 7, 2014). The work around offered by @Rysz did not work for me, though I couldn’t figure out what “reset thunderbird” meant and that might have been the difference. (couldn’t change the google acct associated with Google Calendar Tab 3.9)

    Finally I figured out how to fix it! Here’s what I did:
    At Tools/Add-ons/Extensions, click on Google Calendar Tab 3.9 to select it.
    Then click “disable” then “remove”.
    Go to Tools/Options/Privacy and find the “Web Content” section.
    Click the button on the right for “Show Cookies”.
    On the list that pops up, look for “”.
    Click on that, to select it.
    Next, just below the list and click “Remove Cookies”.

    After that, I did as Rysz directed and went back to the “add-on” management, reinstalled google calendar tab 3.9, then launched it from Tools menu. The sign in page came up asking for both the account and the password! woo hoo! And only 2 hours later!

  17. Is it me or did Google change the calendar function overnight?? I get some useless list of appointments in the Google Calendar Tab instead of the full blown monthly calendar.

  18. Addendum my post 10-1-2015: on my laptop w/ Thunderbird 24 this add-on still works, on my desktop PC w/ Th.b. 31 it doesn’t! Is this add-on still in development/support? I certainly hope so.

  19. I recently ran into an issue with this plug-in within the past month or so. Whenever I try to print a Calendar entry, I get a grey screen with “Activate Plug-in”. I’ve tried everything I could think of and nothing works. I want to say this started happening after the latest Thunderbird update. Anyone have nay thoughts? Thank you.

  20. If I access via the web to google calendar, I see my google task.
    If I access via thunderbird to google calendar, I don’t see my google task.

  21. I use this add-on on a variety of machines (all linux) but on my ppc G5 linux machine the calendar doesn’t render correctly, I get single line entries, ie no month to a view, much like google calendar renders on my phone. Very annoying.

  22. I updated Thunderbird, now the default email for my Google calendar is my old one. None of the links work on this page, so “Sign in with a different account ” won’t let me make the change. What’s up?

  23. I love your Google calendar add-on…LOVE it. Use it everywhere but on my Ubuntu desktop at home it displays in LIST view instead of monthly calendar. Any ideas how I can remedy this?

  24. Hi

    is this still updated ?
    I was using it for Google Calendar (still working fine) as well as for the Gmail + Contacts then (so I did not have to switch to the browser for the updates)
    with recent changes on the contacts part of Gmail this shows a blank page now – which is very annoying 🙁

  25. Same issue in Kubuntu 14.04: The calendar just shows the list of activities, not the week or month view…

  26. My calendar stopped working a week ago!

    The calendar item is greyed out in the Tools menu.

    Any suggestions on how to bring it back?

  27. I like your Thunderbird Google Calendar in-a-tab add-on. It always remembers the usernames I’ve typed in though, and I want to clear those. I typed a password in accidentally and now it comes up and displays it every time.

    Thx, Andy

  28. Thanks for your calendar add-in!
    I have it on T-bird both windoz & ubuntu.
    Works great on windoz but on ubuntu only getting a one-day calendar. Would like ubuntu to work like windoz on this.
    Please advise?

  29. Updated to windows 10 and now I can’t get my calendar tab to work. I get an error on the tab from Google “Invalid request”. I’ve tried removing/re-installing the extension. Which prompts me to login into my google account after which it requests my 2-part authentification code. Enter the info as requested and only get the “Invalid request” error. Any help? Thanks

  30. I noticed that recently I can’t LOGOUT the calendar from within the Calendar window in Thunderbird. It not takes me to the webpage in my browser (which, ironically, asks me to LOGIN — I like to logout rather than remain connected. Any updates which address this glitch or an explanation for the reason it has now changed?

  31. Just a heads up, I notice the “Search My Calendars” function has disappeared. I’ll keep trying to restore it on my end.

    Using TBird 45.3.0, Windows 10

  32. We are also missing the “search field” in the calendar tab.
    Any update available to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

  33. Ditto, I use this function “search calendars” to work, I am annoyed .

    Can tell me how to get it back ?

  34. First of all, I LOVE accessing my Google calendar in my email program. Thank you very much for developing this product. I lost my search function also running Thunderbird version 38.2.0. I just updated to 38.5.0 but it did not bring back the search function. Any assistance would be appreciated. thanks – Janet m

  35. To get the “search box” back, just set general.useragent.compatMode.firefox to TRUE in about:config 😉

  36. Today the tab launched the calendar of a different google account.
    I don’t know why and I don’t know how to choose the right account.
    Can you help me?

  37. Same issue. Deleted gmail account and set up new gmail account for Thunderbird mail. Calendar Tab will only offer log-in for the old account. Removed and re-installed Calendar Tab, no change. How can I direct to the new account?

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