Vancouver Go-Kart Spring GT

This Thursday at 11am PST will mark the beginning the the Spring GT race season in Vancouver. Mozilla Vancouver is set to take on a number of other local companies like Nitobi, mainsocial, KRANKY cafe, and others in several rounds of go-kart racing.

If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area and want to participate just ping @clarkbw or show up at the Richmond Go Kart Track; we have an open reservation. We have local cafes, tech shops, and individuals racing; you’ll fit right in. If you can’t make this weeks race, don’t worry; we’ll be scheduling other (weekly) races on different days and times to make sure everyone can at least participate in a few races.

This is an outdoor track, so dress appropriately. Oh yeah, and neither I nor my employer assume any responsibility for your ass during this activity.

4 responses to “Vancouver Go-Kart Spring GT

  1. Hey, that looks like fun – didn’t even know there was an outdoor track in Richmond, I thought the closest was Tsawassen or something. I’m in the UK till May 19th but would like to start a Red Hat team any time after that =)

  2. Awesome Adam! Ping me when you get back and I’ll make sure you get any emails about future races.

  3. karts are real fun. i use to photograph those back in the 90’s. dirt and asphalt. have fun and thanks for the post.

  4. being a racing photographer part time. that’s a great clean shot.

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