Vancouver Go-Kart Spring GT

This Thursday at 11am PST will mark the beginning the the Spring GT race season in Vancouver. Mozilla Vancouver is set to take on a number of other local companies like Nitobi, mainsocial, KRANKY cafe, and others in several rounds of go-kart racing.

If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area and want to participate just ping @clarkbw or show up at the Richmond Go Kart Track; we have an open reservation. We have local cafes, tech shops, and individuals racing; you’ll fit right in. If you can’t make this weeks race, don’t worry; we’ll be scheduling other (weekly) races on different days and times to make sure everyone can at least participate in a few races.

This is an outdoor track, so dress appropriately. Oh yeah, and neither I nor my employer assume any responsibility for your ass during this activity.


Pet Sittah

My good friend and dog sitter, Karen, runs a dog sitting service in the Boston / Cambridge area. Back in August she started the Dog Blog where as she says, “Your pet and I will post something about our day and you can rest easy knowing that your animal and home are well taken care of.”. When she told me what she was doing, I thought it was a great idea! What a mix of a classic job with added value to customers through a simple innovation for expanding the business. Each entry shows the customers how much you care about their dog and the blog as a whole shows new customers how much you’ll care about their dog when they use your service.

I’d highly recommend her just as a pet sitter but being able to see pictures and read that my dog is happy while I’m gone is really great. A lot of the other dog stories are pretty funny too.

(she looks after this ugly mug)


Tis the Season!

It’s been a busy couple weeks with lots of BBQ’s and weddings.

Grilling Veggies

Two weeks ago my sister got married.

Kerry's Wedding

This past weekend was a great Memorial day party with good friends.

And now I’m with two college buddies on a road trip to D.C. for a friends wedding over the weekend. I’m getting better with my camera and I hope to take some great pictures of that as well.


Evince Your Annotations

I offered to mentor again for the Google Summer of Code. This time for Evince and it’s annotations / bookmarks feature. We already did a design for the annotations a while back so the project should be off to an early start.

Oh, and Joshua Drake of recently sent a message to the Evince list about sponsoring work on PDF Forms.

Get To Work

A good friend of mine works at Mobile Armor in sunny St. Louis, MO. They are hiring developers and Q/A to work on their security software.

I would describe them as inserting a secure layer of linux underneath most operating systems, this layer can encrypt all data and do crazy amounts of authentication before the user’s operating system boots. They do this for cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and probably more. Take a look at their technology requirements you’ll seen they use loads of stuff like Linux, .Net (Mono), Java, C/C++, yada yada. Email them if you’re interested, link is at the bottom of the opportunities page.


Yep that sucks

My new favorite blog is Stuff That Sucks, the first post even explains how much getting the blog site sucks.

He’s pretty much right on, in some key areas.

I hope he talks about how much midgets suck, for bastien’s sake.

Other News that Sucks

I have a loose tie rod in my car which is freaking me out as I drive to and from work. I have a friend *cough* in the same exact situation, and he said at 80 – 90 miles an hour the car can jump around a bit, I can imagine that’s not fun.

News that Doesn’t Suck

Eric Larson offered to help out with the Evince and NetworkManager web sites, which is awesome since I haven’t any time to keep them up. I need to email him back… Hopefully Garret and Steven will get that wikipedia work done soon so those sites could move to complete cool looking wikis.