All-Star Break

I arrived in Vancouver on Tuesday July 1st after my long adventure across the country. I think all the sun, baseball parks, and driving ran down my system so after my friends left and I got 2 days of work in I spent the weekend sleeping.

Cleveland Indians Stadium
Cleveland Indians
Detroit Tigers Stadium
Detroit Tigers
White Sox vs. Pittsburgh - U.S Cellular Field
Chicago White Sox
Busch Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals
Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City Royals
Coors Field
Colorado Rockies
McAfee Stadium
Oakland A’s
Safeco Field
Seattle Mariners

Eight stadiums in all.  An amazing trip, though some places were certainly missed due to timing.  I would have loved to see a Cubs game in Chicago as well as a Giants game in San Francisco but the teams weren’t available when we were coming through.  Next time.


Is a beautiful place.  I seem to have brought nothing but perfect weather with me as everyday but one was sunny and warm.  I quickly setup a Canadian SIN (which is similar to an American SSN), a local bank account and spent the last couple of weeks getting settled into to my international digs.  I had already prearranged a stay in a temporary apartment which is working out well as it’s right in Yaletown and lets me easily explore the downtown area.

Sunset Beach

Vancouver has such a mix of different people.  Everyday I hear people speaking in a number of different languages, Chinese, German, Russian, and Spanish to name a few I could recognize.  Everyday on my walk to and from work I smell someone smoking weed somewhere.  And everyday I hear the grinding and pounding noise of construction.  Overall somewhat similar to summers in Cambridge.

Experimental Message View

Before I left the states we started work on something I called The Experimental Message View.  I’ll post more about it later, but the simplistic goal is to create a new way of interacting with messages and with the required technology change enables others to easily create alternate experiments inside Thunderbird.

Andrew Sutherland has been cranking on the Global Database work with an initial preview, an m-1 trial release (download and install), and even an early visualization.

Paul Rouget has updated his work on the new treeview API which could help us implement richer message lists by changing how we display messages.

Things are coming together quickly.


Go West Young Man!

This Thursday I take permanent leave of Boston to make my new home in lovely Vancouver, BC.  Boston has been my home for over 4 years now and after growing up in neighboring NH I honestly never thought I’d be back here this long.

Boston Skyline @ 4:45am

Boston Skyline @ 4:45am by StarrGazr License:

Though it won’t be the place I’ll miss, it’s my friends and I wish they were coming with me.  I’ve tried to convince several of them to do that.  Why can’t we all live in the same place?

On Tuesday my u-pack boxes arrived and I squeezed in all the possessions I hadn’t thrown out in the last couple weeks and feel are worth bringing across the country.  I actually don’t have many of these things even though they add up quickly.  On Friday Moose and I will have left Boston on a grand trip across the states.

Moose in the snow

Moose is too old to fly anymore, he might not even make this trip in the car, not really; he should be fine. But luckily I won’t be alone with a dog who farts a lot as two of my best friends and I are cramming into my little car to catch baseball games on the road as we make our way from one coast to the next.  Thus our route isn’t a clear shot from one place to the next.

I will be partially online during the trip, uploading photos of baseball stadiums, cities, arches, and other parks along the way.  I also want to keep up with all the changes we’ve got planned, Thunderbird is starting to make so much progress it would be crazy to take too much time off right now.

Vancouver skyline at night

Vancouver skyline at night by istargazer License:

Thanks to everyone I’ve met in Boston, all the friends I’ve made.  Please come visit me in Vancouver.