Go West Young Man!

This Thursday I take permanent leave of Boston to make my new home in lovely Vancouver, BC.  Boston has been my home for over 4 years now and after growing up in neighboring NH I honestly never thought I’d be back here this long.

Boston Skyline @ 4:45am

Boston Skyline @ 4:45am by StarrGazr License:

Though it won’t be the place I’ll miss, it’s my friends and I wish they were coming with me.  I’ve tried to convince several of them to do that.  Why can’t we all live in the same place?

On Tuesday my u-pack boxes arrived and I squeezed in all the possessions I hadn’t thrown out in the last couple weeks and feel are worth bringing across the country.  I actually don’t have many of these things even though they add up quickly.  On Friday Moose and I will have left Boston on a grand trip across the states.

Moose in the snow

Moose is too old to fly anymore, he might not even make this trip in the car, not really; he should be fine. But luckily I won’t be alone with a dog who farts a lot as two of my best friends and I are cramming into my little car to catch baseball games on the road as we make our way from one coast to the next.  Thus our route isn’t a clear shot from one place to the next.

I will be partially online during the trip, uploading photos of baseball stadiums, cities, arches, and other parks along the way.  I also want to keep up with all the changes we’ve got planned, Thunderbird is starting to make so much progress it would be crazy to take too much time off right now.

Vancouver skyline at night

Vancouver skyline at night by istargazer License:

Thanks to everyone I’ve met in Boston, all the friends I’ve made.  Please come visit me in Vancouver.


Pet Sittah

My good friend and dog sitter, Karen, runs a dog sitting service in the Boston / Cambridge area. Back in August she started the Dog Blog where as she says, “Your pet and I will post something about our day and you can rest easy knowing that your animal and home are well taken care of.”. When she told me what she was doing, I thought it was a great idea! What a mix of a classic job with added value to customers through a simple innovation for expanding the business. Each entry shows the customers how much you care about their dog and the blog as a whole shows new customers how much you’ll care about their dog when they use your service.

I’d highly recommend her just as a pet sitter but being able to see pictures and read that my dog is happy while I’m gone is really great. A lot of the other dog stories are pretty funny too.

(she looks after this ugly mug)


Code Monkey getup go to Boston Summit

Jonathan Coulton at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA

Artist/performer: Jonathan Coulton

Begins: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 at 9:45 PM

Ends: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 at 11:45 PM


17 Holland St

Davis Square

Somerville, MA 02144


Link: Jonathan Coulton’s Tour Schedule

Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm are playing at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA. This show is playing on the Friday before the Summit begins. You’ve probably heard the Code Monkey song before, if not check out his downloads page and search for it. time change update, now at 9:45

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bahstan chowhound

All Star Sandwich Bar

The other night I made the quick walk over to Inman Square to check out the somewhat new place All Star Sandwich Bar.

Located at the intersection of Prospect and Cambridge street in Cambridge, MA (the real cambridge) I think it replaced a fairly good Chinese place. But if you haven’t been there I suggest you go, I had one of the best sandwiches I’ve eaten in a long time.

Of course since I eat out in Westford, MA (a place well known for it’s fine foods, diversity, and culture *cough*) almost everyday my judgment may be a bit off from the norm. But I can’t wait to go back there, they serve beer and wine with a cozy area to sit and eat and are open until 9 or 10pm. Do you trust a starving mans food recommendations? Up to you.

Check another one off

All Star is just the start a plan to expand my eatery options in the boston area. My roommate and I recently cut out the Weekly Dig‘s Fall Dining Guide and put it up on the wall with a marker close by so we can check off the new places as we go to them. Not that I trust the Dig more than say Phantom Gourmet, but it came in an easy to use free print out that we could write all over.

I think next up is El Oriental De Cuba in J.P. for some Cuban style food.


Calling all TV viewers

A while back I asked a bunch of questions about Television watching habits in a personal effort to understand if Free Software or Open Source could have a quality impact on peoples lives in that area. Now mugshot is looking to bring freedom to your Televisions. How you ask? That’s what we’d like to get from you!

We’ve setup a survey to look for a diverse group of people who we could learn more about their TV habits. So if you are a super fan or only watch a little bit of TV or anywhere in between we want to hear from you.

Currently we looking for people in the Boston area to take part in our survey. If you or someone you know could take a minute to fill out the following quick survey we’d really appreciate it. (seriously quick, it takes an average of 5 minutes to fill out)

Here’s the survey link:

Please pass this around to anyone; friends, friends of friends, enemies, frienemies, and family members!


Comcast has ESPN2 HD now?

Not that it has anything to do with my working from home on the first day of the World Cup, but Comcast cable seems to have added ESPN2 HD which is airing much of the FIFA World Cup games. I can’t find anything about this from Comcast or in all the forums that have been complaining of the lack of ESPN2 on Comcast; it just seemed to turn on today.

According to soccerTVABC will air 12 games, ESPN will air 21 games, and ESPN2 will air 31 games…” so with our new addition of ESPN2 we can actually watch all the games from home; even in HD. Germany vs. Costa Rica is on at noon today.