Pet Sittah

My good friend and dog sitter, Karen, runs a dog sitting service in the Boston / Cambridge area. Back in August she started the Dog Blog where as she says, “Your pet and I will post something about our day and you can rest easy knowing that your animal and home are well taken care of.”. When she told me what she was doing, I thought it was a great idea! What a mix of a classic job with added value to customers through a simple innovation for expanding the business. Each entry shows the customers how much you care about their dog and the blog as a whole shows new customers how much you’ll care about their dog when they use your service.

I’d highly recommend her just as a pet sitter but being able to see pictures and read that my dog is happy while I’m gone is really great. A lot of the other dog stories are pretty funny too.

(she looks after this ugly mug)


My Rental Agent Runs Linux

I guess I’ve gotten old so I’m moving out of this area and over to the outside edge of Cambridge. I had an appointment at Maven Realty the other day looking at some apartments, as I watched the agent bring up pictures from various listings I noticed his desktop was running Ubuntu. Later I asked him, “I saw you’re running Linux on your Desktop, what do you think of it?”. “Yeah, I guess. It runs Firefox just like at home…”, he said. Interesting research point.

With a couple of more tech savvy rental agencies I’ve been able to send them a map of places I’m interested in. I really like the My Maps part of Google Maps for this process. I created an area shade to show what regions I’m interested in moving to and sent that along with my other requirements so hopefully this will all be a little easier than it used to be.

View Larger Map or view it at my blog

If only they’d add to my map the places they want me to look at with pictures and descriptions attached!


Preacher Jack

A friend of mine, Kelly Davidson, had shot photos of Preacher Jack at the Plough and Stars a couple weeks ago. So last night I went up to Sally O’Briens in Union Square with a couple friends to see him live.

My photos are no where near as good as Kelly’s, but Preacher Jack is a lot of fun to see and take pictures of. He’s awesome! We got to talk to him afterward and I now have a sweet Preacher Jack poster in which his silhouette looks a lot like Willy Nelson. You can hear some of his music at Preacher Jack on Myspace.

This shot by was taken on my new camera by my old roommate Jen

Damn it feels good to be in Cambridge

Just woke up 5 gunshots somewhere outside my window and tires screeching, some kind of drive by? Every time a gun goes off around here you can hear the police cars all converging on my neighborhood. From almost a mile away the sirens go on and you can see the lights flashing as they twist and turn their way to Area 4 (aka gansta’s paradise).

Reading up on the situation this weekend I found that there is possibly a gang of the infamous Bloods [w] who have moved into my neighborhood. Well they’ve actually always been here, but got along nicely until a recent war started with other gangs across the river. The Mayor Kenneth Reeves decided to call these gangs wusses as there is obviously no way harvard and MIT educated gangs could stack up to his old detroit gangs.

So there’s been a curfew on the nearby park where I walk my dog, which just means if I’m late to take my dog out I have to walk down to the other dog park off sidney street instead of the one close by. More jobs, less gangs; I’m not really sure how that’s going to work but something is better than useless debate over what city cambridge is more like.

I’m really hoping that walking a bad ass looking pitt bull with clipped ears will make anyone think twice about shooting me (knock on wood) in my park even though my dog in all reality is a big baby in a mean looking body. Perhaps this should be my last year in this apartment…


City of Cambridge Valet Parking

It’s that time of the year again when the City of Cambridge starts up their annual valet parking service.

Since I thought today was monday instead of Tuesday I took advantage of this valet service, some people call “towing”, and the city kindly put my car somewhere other than where I parked it.

This time the city offered me Phil’s Towing service which wasn’t too bad and much less brutal than Pat’s Towing. They’re also located much closer to me than B&B Towing so overall I’d give them the thumbs up. Even costs $10 less than the others. Too bad I can’t choose the company ahead of time.

Update: The B&B Towing wikipedia page is down now, aparently they aren’t noteworthy enough, oh well. If you’re looking for B&B here’s a google map of where they are. If you find their phone number, (I’ve lost it), leave it in the comments!

Mooney St
Cambridge, MA

Take your Public Servants back!

Dear Dom, while I appreciate you sharing the wealth of Cambridge public servants with jack hammers. I couldn’t sleep this morning while they were hammering stuff outside my window. What’s almost worse I think is their conversation, here’s the replay.

Act 1, Scene 1 – Enter Guy with Hammer (GWH) and Guy without Hammer (GWOH)

Hammer Hammer Hammer

GWOH: Woah woah woah

Hammer Hammer Hammer

GWOH: Woah, HEY!!

Hammer Hammer, stop…

GWH: What?

GWOH: Don’t do that

GWH: Do what?

GWOH: Follow there, not there

GWH: There?

GWOH: No, over there

GWH: Yeah, that’s what I’m doing

GWOH: No, over there

GWH: Whatever

Me: It’s 7 in the morning! Do it somewhere else. (cries)

– Just a little before 8 they left, wtf?