From Basmati to Jasmine

Spent this morning installing my short throw shifter I got from K4RT30Y. I’ve had this thing for almost 6 months now and only today had the time to actually install it all.

Putting it all back together

I had the polimer bushings put on earlier last week, which gave me the motivation to finish the job and get the shifter installed. The instructions were really good except for being a little optimistic. Towards the end it says “Some People had slight contact…” which really means everyone. I was hoping I’d be one of those people who didn’t have to screw with the metal plate, but no luck. I had to remove the metal plate and shave it down a little with a dremel stone grinder.

My new short throw shifter

Now I’ve got to race up to New Hampshire since it’s my mom’s birthday today and I’m still in Cambridge.

Took this for Alex a while back, but never ended up posting it. Just getting around to a lot of things today that I’ve forgotten to do.