The Doctor is In

I broke a rib or two over the weekend playing rugby. Just before passing an assist that scored I bounced off a gentleman who was a bit bigger than me trying to spear my kidneys.

image from library of congress

I haven’t gone to the doctors yet since there’s no treatment other than taking pain killers and the pain isn’t getting worse than when it first happened. According to medical student friends and webmd‘s fractured rib article I need to breath in deeply every hour to reduce the risk of contracting pneumonia or a partial collapse my lung.

At work I’m using DrWright (now a part of the Control Center and known as “Typing Monitor”) again. Every hour it tells me to stop typing and I use the time to take a very deep and painful breath.


Gardening Your Library

The LibraryThing article that Luis linked to really stuck with me over the weekend. And luckily I was in the WUNC radio area to hear this story about the book BookMarks: Reading in Black and White. In it Duke University professor Karla Holloway suggests that your reading list is a projection of your own identity, which is perhaps a strongly related reason why people on LibraryThing want to tag and organize their collections (or online projections of themselves).

Now I’m off to Florida for the weekend to play in the Ruggerfest 2007 tournament, the weather down south has been great so far and I hope it continues for the weekend.